Deep beneath the surface of Wedhburg, there is a node of evil ley lines. The node attracts hordes of vile creatures and armies of depraved men. Countless cults hold dark rituals in the basements of the city and they prowl the night in black cloaks looking for living sacrifices to the fiends they worship.

The city is headed by an uncaring lord who sits atop his keep in splendor paid to him by the gangs that control the city. The gangs push their drugs and threaten the people while the city watch sits content with their pocket full of bribes.

The peasants live in filth. The merchants pay thousands of gold in protection money. The nobles are depraved and insane. Ogres and trolls and much worse wander the streets. The dark gods are worshiped openly. Orphanages are an institution of pure and unadulterated evil.

Despite all this the people of Wedhburg are a robust and industrious people that still have good in their hearts. All they need are heroes to right all that is wrong.

Only Evil Stirs in Wedhburg

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