Brotaur Azvir


Barbarian Dwarf


Born in The Dalelands, Brotaur’s connection to the dwarven race was strong. He was a shining example of what it took to be a real Dwarf. His parents Glordal and Nubere Azvir despised the dwarven culture due to its profound racism against orcs and goblins. They had had enough when their own son began to share his racism openly with them. They shortly moved to Shadowdale where their son might not be corrupted further. Shadowdale also seemed a perfect place to grow their Devilweed.
Brotaur despised his hippie parents. He only learned to speak Goblin and Orc due to the suggestion of his parents. Yet he saw this as an oppurtunity to be able to insult those filthy creatures in their own dank languages. He knew he could never return to the Dalelands. His last name would have him laughed all the way back to Shadowdale. He knew a life of adventure would be his only chance at happiness.
That is why, without hesitation, he left with Elandir and Ted when Elandir recieved a letter from his dead uncle. He felt prepared for the journey but worried for Ted’s safety. Ted always seemed a little soft.

Brotaur Azvir

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