Grey Elf who thinks he is above it all. Literally.


Elandir is an Elf. Gray Elf to be exact. That puts him very high in the “food chain” or so he though to himself anyway. He was just on the way to exercise his arcane might when he received a letter from his long gone but regularly reappearing uncle Isaac. The below conversation will serve as prime example of how this wizard exercises his magical abilities in order to properly aid his adventuring party:

in the middle of the battle, Elandir becomes very serious and turns to face Brotaur:
- hey Brotaur you know what you should be doing right now?
Brotaur in a way confused pokes around the ground with his great axe:
- what?
Elandir smiles:
- well FLY of course. Lets see touched creature becomes able to fly at a speed of 60ft..


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