Isaac Barrow

A famous mathematician and accomplished wizard who lived in Wedhburg. He died with some unfinished business that he wants his nephew to help him with.


Isaac Barrow is a gray elf that moved to Wedhburg with his young son Steven a long time ago. He came to study the confluence of ley lines that form a powerful node beneath the city of Wedhburg. He opened the Falling Dagger Inn to fund his research. Five years before Elandir received his letter, Isaac’s son was killed and left in an alley. After the authorities told him that they could do nothing to help, he swore to avenge Steven’s death.

Isaac died three years later of a heart attack while in bed and rose as a ghost. Being a wizard, Isaac had planned that in case of his untimely death a letter would be sent to his closest relative asking them to come to Wedhburg and finish his business. After all his closest relatives refused, the letter made it’s way to Elandir.

Isaac Barrow

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