Soul Pierce

A powerful weapon made to further the dominance of "elven kind."


To My New Master-

Hello my name is Soul Pierce. I thank you for destroying my former master, Ulustar, and liberating me from him. Ulustar was a virtuous member of the master race until he was killed by that evil necromancer living in the sewers and then reanimated under her will. Though I did thoroughly enjoy his new-found cruelty and flippant disregard for the lives of those beneath him that he gained from being undead, he was no longer really an elf so any forward progress he made for his former race were dubious at best. I also didn’t like all that choking powder he was stuffed with.

My purpose is to continue the dominance of elves over the Underdark. Elves are the rightful rulers of all material realms, and it is a sad fact that the only place that they claim true sovereignty lies in the caves and tunnels beneath the surface. Even there they are beset on all sides by evil creatures. Whether the threat comes from the denizens of the Underdark or interlopers from the surface, I am an instrument to neutralize the threat.

I am a powerful magic item that grows stronger as you grow stronger. The abilities and enhancement bonuses change according to level as show on the table below.

Level Abilities
1 +1 Greatsword
2 +1 Greatsword
3 +1 Greatsword
4 +1 Keen Greatsword
5 +2 Keen Greatsword
6 +2 Keen Greatsword
7 +2 Keen Greatsword
8 +2 Keen Aberration Bane Greatsword
9 +2 Keen Aberration Bane Greatsword
10 +3 Keen Aberration Bane Greatsword
11 +3 Keen Aberration Bane Greatsword
12 +3 Keen Aberration Bane Anarchic Greatsword
13 +3 Keen Aberration Bane Anarchic Greatsword
14 +3 Keen Aberration Bane Anarchic Greatsword
15 +4 Keen Aberration Bane Anarchic Greatsword
16 +4 Keen Aberration Bane Anarchic Dancing Greatsword
17 +4 Keen Aberration Bane Anarchic Dancing Greatsword
18 +4 Keen Aberration Bane Anarchic Dancing Greatsword
19 +4 Keen Aberration Bane Anarchic Dancing Greatsword
20 +5 Keen Aberration Bane Chaotic Power Dancing Greatsword

Keen means that I threaten a critical on a roll of a 17-20 as opposed to 19-20 on a normal and inferior greatsword. Aberration bane means my enhancement bonus is two higher when attacked aberrations and I do an extra 2d6 points of damage. Anarchic means I do an extra 2d6 points of damage to lawful creatures. Dancing and chaotic power are a little complicated and I’ll tell you how they work when we get to that point.

I also have a few more powers by virtue of being intelligent. I have Intelligence 17, Wisdom 10, and Charisma 17; I can hear within 120ft; I can speak telepathically to anyone carrying me; and I have a chaotic alignment. I can also cast some spells. I draw my power from you, so my spells have a caster level equal to you character level and I get access to more powerful spells as you get stronger. These spells can be cast on anything I am touching, such as yourself or something that you are swinging me at. The spells that I can use are summarized below. I can use each column of spells a total of three times per day.

Level Spell Spell Spell
1 Cure light wounds Inflict light wounds Daze monster
6 Cure moderate wounds Inflict moderate wounds Shocking grasp
11 Cure serious wounds Inflict serious wounds Enervation
16 Cure critical wounds Inflict critical wounds Destruction

I am yours and your race’s loyal servant. I am perfectly content just to be your tool of destruction against your enemies.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the thing about piercing souls. My name isn’t just cool, it’s also descriptive. You see, when you swing me just right (roll a natural twenty on the die for any to hit roll for me), I damage and could destroy the soul of the creature that I hit. Generally, damaging a soul drains the life from a creature (bestowing negative levels). This can kill a weak creature or creatures that have already had their life drained from another source.

Against mortal creatures with a soul (aberrations, dragons, giants, humanoids, intelligent plants, and intelligent magical beasts) damaging a soul does destroy a good amount of their life force (1d4 negative levels). I don’t damage the souls of elves though, that would be just wrong. I can still be used against elves, because sometimes it is necessary to kill one elf for the sake of many.

Against mortals without a soul (animals, unintelligent magical beasts, most plants, and vermin) this does nothing, though they take damage from that attack normally. This also goes mortals who don’t possess their souls, such as someone who has sold their soul for one reason or another.
Unintelligent undead (zombies, skeletons, and few others) don’t have souls and take no negative levels. Same goes for constructs.

Intelligent undead (vampires, wights, liches, and other nasty stuff) are hurt by this but the damage manifests in a different way, damaging their charisma (1d6 drain).

Things that have a dual nature, their body and soul are one (outsiders, elementals, and fey), are hurt more by damage to their souls (2d4 negative levels).

When a soul is hurt or destroyed, a great deal of life energy is released. This usually just fades away, but when I hurt the soul I take the energy and use it to heal you. You are healed proportionally to the amount of damage that the soul takes (five hit points for each level or charisma drained), and if you are at full health the energy goes to make you more resilient for a brief time (excess turns into temporary hit points lasting one hour). The soul energy of aberrations, orcs, goblins, and dwarves is worthless and doesn’t heal you.


Soul Pierce

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