Population: 52,000 (60% human, 10% dwarf, 10% halfling, 5% goblin, 5 % orc, 2%ogre, 8% other)
Ruler: Count Aldred
Nation: Sembia
Power groups: Dhaask, The Faramar, The Dwarven Heritage Foundation, The Munwithurix Corporation
Important people: Silvius Vhass, Marquis Abhorash, Fredrick Cleitz, Grand Hierophant Peter
Religions: The Green Hand, The Triad, Bane, Faerunian Pantheon, Moradin

The city of Wedhburg began as a march of Sembia. It was tasked with protecting the main road north into Sembia from the drow and anything else coming from Cormanthor forest. The city developed as a small trading post for magic items that were looted from the elven ruins in the forest and developed into the biggest market for magic items in the region. The city has since become a county in its own right, separate from the march.

The city is built atop a large bluff that sits next to The Black River. The city is broken up into three sections: the castle quarter, the noble quarter, the merchant quarter, and the riverside. The castle is small area atop the bluff that houses the inner keep, the count’s warehouses, and barracks for the garrison. The rest of the area on bluff has a second wall around it and houses the city’s nobility and wealthy merchants. The merchant quarter sits on the base of the hill and has many marketplaces and warehouses for the goods that come in and out of Wedhburg. The rest of the city, and where most of its inhabitants live, is referred to as Riverside.

Beneath the surface of the world, rivers of magical energy called ley lines flow all across the world. These rivers gather magic and bring it nodes. These nodes create small areas where magic is more powerful and large areas where it permeates the area, only noticeable to those that are looking. Most ley lines are pure magical energy, but others are aligned to a particular power source. There are fire and ice and chaotic and lawful lines among others. Wedhburg sits atop the largest confluence of evil ley lines in all of Faerun. This subconsciously draws all manner of evil things to the area. There are also groups that seek to use the node for evil rituals.

Wedhburg is ruled by Count Aldred (N Ars 5). Count Aldred mostly sits in his castle having lavish parties for the nobility and hosting visiting dignitaries. Aldred has one son who is lieutenant in the city watch and three daughters who he married off to nobility across Sembia.

Aldred is an uncaring lord who delegates all of his power to his four advisors: Alan Commes, Magister Lueman, Captain Georges, and Thorgrim Gabinar. Alan Commes (NE Hum Wiz 11) is Aldred’s chief advisor and does everything that is involved in running the city. He writes all of Aldred proclamations, makes all policy decisions, and is politically the most powerful person in Wedhburg. Commes is also an accomplished wizard that specializes in divination. Magister Lueman (N Hum Ars 7) enforces the laws of Wedhburg. He is a very strict judge, generally giving the death penalty to anyone proven guilty before him. Because of the corrupt nature of the city and watch, only a few come before him that are involved in organized crime. Captain Georges (LN Hum War 8/Ftr 3) is the commanding officer of the garrison. He has about 200 troops under his command that are trained constantly. They are a very powerful force, despite being rarely used for anything other than as bodyguards for the count and his household. Throgrim Gabinar (LE Dwf Ftr 5/Ars 5/Exp 3) is Wedhburg treasurer and chief tax collector. He and his lackeys are tasked with collecting taxes from the people of Wedhburg. He takes particular glee in his job and enjoys throwing people in jail for tax evasion and watching people go hungry because they didn’t try to evade the taxes.

The city watch of Wedhburg is split into three precincts: the merchant quarter, the Riverside, and the noble quarter. The guards of the merchant and noble quarter are well run organizations that do a good job keeping crime down. The Riverside watch is a corrupt and inept organization. It is run by Captain Bernard (LE Hum Ftr 8/War3) whose main job is collecting the bribes that organized crime give the count to continue operating. The only people that are arrested are criminals that are unaligned with the gangs of Riverside. The watch maintains a crack group of watchmen whose job it is to kill cultists and monsters, but Bernard is not above using them to get the gangs to continue paying their bribes.


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