Only Evil Stirs in Wedhburg

Act I: Scene II

One Night in Wedhburg

The city of Wedhburg isn’t a great place. There’re the cults, the gangs, the uncaring lord, the corrupt town watch, and all manner of evil things that wander the streets. People get kidnapped and sacrificed in fiendish rituals. Businesses burn to the ground because they didn’t pay their protection money. Rapes and murders happen daily while the guards do nothing. Orphanages sell strange tasting jerky. Evil is commonplace. Good is rare. Suffering is universal and hope is non-existent, but its home.

I first came to Wedhburg about ten years ago. I came with my family to my uncle Gomir’s wedding. He was marrying a drow by the name of Valkia and I had the most wonderful time. The thing that I remember most about it was my uncle’s stories. He told many of them and I was enthralled by his lifestyle, that of the adventurer. When my family left, I stayed.

Not too long after I started living there, my uncle disappeared. He couldn’t take the commitment of marriage and absconded away from his life in Wedhburg. He came back a few months later and was immediately imprisoned by an evil gem monster on the astral plane. Valkia and his adventuring friends rescued him and not too long after that, they all died in an earthquake and subsequent explosion that rocked the whole city.

Those are all different stories for different times. This story isn’t about my uncle. It’s about making Wedhburg a better place.

* * *

We arrived in Wedhburg and I showed Elandir and Brotaur to the Falling Dagger Inn. It appeared that the place hadn’t seen any business in years since Elandir’s uncle died. We let ourselves in and searched the place. We found that some homeless people had been using the entire first floor as a bathroom.

The basement, on the other hand, was completely untouched. It looked like the only thing that had changed since Elandir’s uncle died was there was a layer of dust on the crates and supplies that were stored there. After a quick look through the boxes it became pretty clear why no one had been down here. Along with the things you’d expect to be in the basement of a bar, alcohol, cleaning supplies, extra chairs, etc., there were four wights shoved into the crates. The wights didn’t last too long, but a wraith came through the wall and gave us some trouble.

The second floor was in basically the same condition as the basement, undead and all. We met the ghost of Elandir’s uncle, a nice elf named Isaac Barrow, who told us that he had some unfinished business. Apparently, his son Steven, Elandir’s cousin, had been murdered a year or so before Isaac died. Isaac swore an oath to find his son’s killer and bring revenge upon them. He tried to find the killer for about a month or so, had no luck, then proceeded to get over his grief and move on with his life. He died of a heart attack having never fulfilled his oath.

As these things are wont to do, the oath Isaac swore stopped him from going to the afterlife. Isaac informed a few of his closest relatives of his current state and his unfinished business, asking them to help him. The ones that believed him all refused. He then went about trying to trick some of them into coming to Wedhburg, hoping they would get caught up in his plight.

Isaac had a bit of luck when he found out about Elandir. Elandir was a young adult who didn’t like the small town too much, always seemed to be smarter than everyone else, and lived in Shadowdale. Elandir was basically guaranteed to become an adventurer. Isaac realized that all he had to do was give Elandir a place to drink for him and the 2-4 companions that would invariably show up and all of his problems would be solved.



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