Only Evil Stirs in Wedhburg

Act I: Scene III

One Night in Wedhburg

After we had had our chat with Isaac, we met a very trustworthy sort by the name of Jamen. He was a half-elf who particularly enjoyed killing things with his great sword. He wondered into the Falling Dagger after hearing sounds of fighting, hoping that there was adventure. After finding it, he joined us.

The fight with the wights in the basement of the Falling Dagger had left Brotaur drained of more than a few of his levels. The party set out that first evening for the biggest temple in town to get some much needed healing. We found an immense cathedral of the Triad in the center of the town. Inside we met a very nice fellow by the name of Gabriel. Gabriel was a middle age cleric of the Triad who was a bit less than six feet tall. He had short black hair and always wore a grey robe and carried a staff with various runes on it.

While Gabriel was healing Brotaur he noticed the cup that was found on Ted’s body and told us that we held a very powerful artifact. The cup is called the Chalice of Ilmater and it is always in the hands of those who suffer to make the world a better place. It does some groovy things like turning water into cure potions and turning cure potions into really awesome cure potions. It was no doubt design for adventurers.

Gabriel told us that he would do whatever he could to help us because the simple fact that we held the Chalice meant that Ilmater had marked us for greatness.

* * *

After the church, we set off for the nearest Town watch station to find out what we could about Steven’s murder. I was the only one in the party who had ever lived in Wedhburg, so the party relied on me to show them the way. I had done a good job getting to the cathedral solely because it is gigantic and can be seen all over town. I only vaguely knew where the town watch station was in this part of town, so I got us lost almost instantly.

That was the last time anyone in the party relied on me for anything more than encouragement.

We ended up near the docks, which is a particularly unsafe place to be at any time of day, even by Wedhburg standards. I was not at all surprised when eight people dressed in jet black cloaks surrounded us and drew weapons. I was a bit terrified, but I was not surprised.

I’m not sure why the cultists thought we would be a good choice for the night’s living sacrifice. We were four dudes, all of different races, two of which were heavily armed, wondering the streets in the middle of the night with more than a little bit of blood soaked into our clothes. We were clearly adventurers and clearly going to be hard to kill.

The fight lasted maybe a minute. I spent the entire fight between Brotaur and Jamen shouting encouragement and healing. At the end, seven cultists were dead, Elandir was unconscious, Brotaur should have been unconscious, and my bladder was empty. We found some gold on the bodies, along with some other mundane valuables and what was clearly a holy symbol.

The holy symbol was a short rod with a human skull on the end. I recognized it as a replica of the Wand of Orcus, which is the Demon Lord’s holy symbol.

* * *

After our little scuffle in the back alley, we left the bodies before the authorities showed up and found our way to the town watch station. We asked the desk sergeant who we should talk to about a murder from two years before, and he directed us to a Lieutenant Michael. We found him sitting in his office even though it was late at night.

Michael was a really big guy. He was at least six and half feet tall and was layered in thick muscle. He had shaggy black hair and his beard seemed to be in a continuous state of stubble. Above his desk was a great sword called Cloudcrack. Cloudcrack’s blade was blue and had white lines like lightning all over it. It smelled like the air before a thunder storm and I could immediately tell it was a powerful magic item.

“What do you want?” Michael said when we entered the room without looking up from his work.

“We’re here to talk about a murder,” Brotaur replied. Michael looked up from his work and I saw that he was exhausted. He always looked tired and I would learn that that was because he never slept well. A city like Wedhburg will do that to a man like Michael.

He gave a long look over, and saw everything that those cultists didn’t.

“Wonderful,” Michael said. “I love dealing with adventurers.” I was pretty sure he was being sarcastic, but I never can tell with Michael. “Who died?” he asked bluntly.

“A child, a gray elf, by the name of Steven.” Elandir said.

“Did it happen a few years ago?”

“Yeah.” Elandir said.

“Not too many elves here in Wedhburg. Even fewer of you sun elves. I remember the kid. I’ll get the file.” Michael stood up and went to his filing cabinet and looked through it for a few minutes. There were a lot of files. “Here it is,” Michael said. He came back to his desk and sat down. “Steven Barrow, murdered 10-11 Mirtul 1370 DR. Cause of death unknown, but death magic or supernatural energy drain likely.’ There were a lot of other killings like that around that time. Never ever had any leads. Never found the murderer. You a relative?”

“Yes,” Elandir said. “We were cousins. His uncle wants me to find the killer.”

“His uncle? You mean Isaac? He owned the Falling Dagger. I thought he died.”

“He did, he’s still around though.” Elandir answered.

“Fucking Wedhburg.” Michael said with a sigh. “Can’t even let good people like Isaac move on with their unlives. This is the worst gods damned place in the world. You know, when I was younger, I thought I could change that, maybe do some good. I left my comfortable life up in the castle and joined the town watch. I wanted to help the helpless, vanquish the evil, be a champion of good and all that bullshit. I got into the watch and realized that this whole organization is corrupt and lazy. I’ve done more to uphold the law and do the right thing by myself than the rest of fucking watch.

“I want to help you find your cousin’s killer, I really sincerely do, but unless he walks up to the front door and gives a nice long confession, I doubt there’s anything the watch can do. I spent a whole month trying to find the shithead who was killing those people, but I never did and it’s been years.”

“Well we’re going to find him, if only because my uncle is fucking annoying and won’t get out of the bar he gave me.” Elandir said.

“Your bar? The Falling Dagger? Is it opening up again?” Michael asked. He looked excited.

“Yeah, we’re going to open it up soon.” Elandir responded.

“This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time.”

I believed him.



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